IT tools for health care that simplify
and organize the guideline development process
and systematic review preparation

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All-in-one IT tools that easily summarize and present information
in health care decision making.

Use tools available at GRADEapps to:

  • Create summary tables during the systematic review process
  • Simplify the clinical practice guideline development process
  • Implement recommendations for public health and health policy decisions
  • Improve your decision-making panel management

Key benefits of GRADEapps tools

  • Allow your team to work on the same project simultaneously
  • Make GRADEing evidence simple
  • Offers easy access to the GRADE Handbook
  • Keep a record of all detailed judgments
  • Enable easy sharing of evidence summaries worldwide
  • Support the use of existing evidence profiles for local adaptation
  • Available on all platforms (Mac and Windows)
  • Available in numerous languages (for example English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)

GRADEapps is the most popular
automatization tool  for guideline developers

Key features for guideline developers

  • Access to tools that improve the complete guildeline development process
  • Quickly generate questions using pre-made templates
  • Provide templates for evidence profiles and tables
  • Integrate interactive Evidence-to-Decision (EtD) frameworks for guideline panels
  • Manage conflicts and declarations of interest
  • Add your systematic review to the database, ready for future use
  • Developed in cooperation with McMaster University experts

Key features for authors of systematic reviews

  • Easily create Summary of Findings tables for interventions and diagnostic reviews
  • Can import from - and export to - RevMan
  • Simplify your results so they are more useful and attractive for an audience with interactive SoF tables
  • Are used and recommended by the Cochrane Collaboration

IT tools for health care used by experts
may 2017

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