Streamline your guideline panel's
decision making process

Easy Guideline development
with PanelVoice

PanelVoice is a 'one-stop-shop' for your panel's guideline
development process. It streamlines the process by
simply and easily faciliating online decision making.
PanelVoice is an add-on to GRADEpro software
used by over 25 000 guidelines developers.

See PanelVoice in action

Key Features of PanelVoice

One Stop Shop

Perform the whole decision making process online.


Use it for all or only some parts of your panel meeting. The add-on can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Time efficient

Send recommendation to members before your meeting, ensuring your meeting time is as efficient as possible


Eliminate bias and pressure-voting by using PanelVoice's anonymous email forms.

Realtime Results

PanelVoice automatically gathers and calculates results for you. Access your results at any time.

System Adaptability

The PanelVoice module runs on all systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

A tool trusted and used by
influential experts worldwide

GRADEpro software is used in the guideline development process by
many global medical institutions and associations including WHO, WAO,

Choose PanelVoice to streamline your
guideline decision making process

The PanelVoice plugin
for GRADEpro is included in our Enterprise
License for larger groups and institutions
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